State Contracts

1.1.1 Kentucky

American Bus is a proud partner of the Kentucky Public Transportation Association (KPTA). Over the years American Bus has provided the State of Kentucky with thousands of vehicles supporting the needs for public transportation. As a family owned business, it only seems right to give back to our community. Currently American Bus has the contract Lowered Floor Ramp Minivan category on KPTA Bid # 7. Call or email today for more information on the KPTA Bid # 7.

1.1.2 Ohio

American Bus is a proud partner of the Ohio Public Transportation Association (OPTA) and the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). Since we are located in Ohio, we take great pride in supporting our community and helping to provide our residents with safe and reliable transportation. To learn about eligibility and find the best ODOT contract bus or van to fit your needs, call or email us today!

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