Shuttling students, athletes or guests is a necessary component of any college or university. We have the ideal vehicle for you, whether you’re looking for style, comfort or function. If your college or university is in an old town, and you’re looking for an authentic feel, our trolley is the perfect fit. If comfort is your main goal, we can design a college or university bus with the optimal suspension and details you want. We offer a wide variety of options to customize your school’s bus. With overhead luggage racks, rear luggage storage, arm rests, reclining seats and more, we’ll be able to create the perfect bus for your needs. Call today for more information on available bus add-ons.

Quality Service for Your Bus or Van

We have been servicing vehicles for over 60 years and our technicians have the highest level of expertise and training in the industry. Call us toll free at 800.582.7118 for an appointment.