Meet our Manufacturers


Champion Bus is a pioneer in the commercial bus industry and are now focusing on also being a leader in midsize bus manufacturing. They have a wide selection of passenger charter and tour buses built on a variety of different chassis offering industry staples as well as unique and innovative products. Champion buses have a strong reputation and are known for their safety and durability by utilizing a robust galvanized steel cage construction, with a fiberglass exterior.


Founded in 1992, MobilityTrans has been manufacturing safe and advanced fullsize ADA Paratransit, passenger and prisoner transportation vans. Their full-size passenger vans offer the safest dual leaf bus door option for the Ford Transit van. All MobilityTrans vehicles meet and exceed NHTSA, FMVSS, NMEDA and ADA standards.

World Trans

World Trans was created when their parent company, REV Group, set out to create a bus that meets the needs for the most popular seating capacity and bus lengths in the industry. The engineering behind modular construction allows for expedited turnaround times and quality built products. Revolutionizing the industry, World Trans designed a bus to be built on the Ford Transit Cutaway chassis. This bus model completes their portfolio giving them a narrow body bus with a dramatic increase in fuel economy.

Braun Ability

BraunAbility manufactures a low floor handicap accessible minivan that comes equipped with either a side-entry folding ramp, rear-entry folding ramp or side-entry in-floor ramp. Founder Ralph Braun was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy at the age of six, and as he grew up, he realized independence for handicap individuals was virtually nonexistent. Ralph’s dedication to finding a solution and his understanding of these specific needs can be seen in each of Braun’s strategically designed vans.

Collins Bus Corporation

Collins Bus has been building Type A school buses for over 50 years. Collins recognized a demand for the smaller vehicle and the inefficiency of large school buses being sent on small routes. Instead of trying to do everything like many of the big school bus companies, Collins made the decision to be the best in a specialized market. Type A buses are not for every application but when the application fits they exceed expectations. Collins provides one of the safest and most reliable buses on the street today.

Hometown Trolley

Hometown Trolley vehicles are designed for an unrivaled nostalgic experience with 19th century charm engineered into modern day transportation. Their attention to detail is unmatched in the industry. With spiral brass designs, wooden waterfall seats and genuine leather straps, Hometown Trolley provides the ideal vehicle for any city, from the oldest small towns to largest vibrant cities.

LA West Luxury Coaches

L.A. West is a world leader in lifestyle enhanced luxury coach design and haute couture automotive excellence. With a clientele from all walks of life, L.A. West exceeds expectations with best in class luxury coach and executive transportation solutions. As a select MasterUpfitter for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter platform, L.A. West is infinitely capable of custom tailoring a luxury or livery solution to suit the exact needs of even the most unique client.